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Vermiculite is a hydrous mineral that is used in the Agriculture, Horticultural and Construction markets. It is classified into several different particle sizes for the many different uses.


Vermiculite is well established as a growing medium. It is most commonly used in compost formulations, usually in combination with Coco Peat. Vermiculite and Coco peat compost formulations provide ideal conditions for plant growth. The presence of vermiculite particles in the compost aids aeration improves moisture retention and promotes the steady release of added fertilizers, whilst the vermiculite itself contributes potassium, magnesium and a number of minor elements.


Benefit of Vermiculite 


  • High water holding capacity
  • Absorbs excess nutrients
  • Promotes faster plant root growth
  • Retains air, plant food and moisture
  • Very lightweight, Easy to handle, Easy to mix with soil and fertilizers
  • Non-toxic, clean and odorless

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