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Akshay Enterprises a rising Supplier of coco peat with promising quality and highest satisfaction of customers.
Coco peat is also known as coir pith, 100% Organic and natural growing media extracted from coconut husk. Used in Hydroponics, Terrace Gardens, Nurseries for its high water absorption and holding capacity. Coco Peat is good news for those who believe in the goodness of organic farming. Coco Peat is procured from the process of taking out of coir fiber from husk. Highly compressible and light features it is commonly used as soil conditioner and desiccant.

Benefit of Coco Peat

  • 100% Organic and a renewable resource
  • Uniform in Composition, odorless
  • Good drainage / Good aeration
  • High water holding capacity, great absorption
  • Promotes strong root growth
  • Affordable and High Quality


Product Details 


Coco Peat Block

Form Block
Material Coco Peat
Packaging Type Plastic Cover
Usage/Application Nurseries, Terrace Garden, Hydroponic,
Shape Square
Color Brown
Block Weight (kg) 5 KG


Coco Peat Pellets or Coins


Coco peat filled in a bio-degradable porous non-woven fabric tubes and compressed to small coin sized pellets, Coco Peat Seed Starters are specifically designed for use in seedling trays, aiding the germination process, seedling growth and transplanting without affecting the young, delicate root system.


Dimension 32 mm & 50 mm diameter
Materials Coco Peat, Bio-degradable non-woven fabric


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