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Inert volcanic glass that forms light weight powder aggregate when expanded by heat it is called Perlite.
Perlite is an odorless, non-flammable, non-toxic white to off white silicate. Perlite is highly effective insulator, loose density, Steve analysis, free moisture content and organic material content.
Perlite is one of nature’s best media for growing plants.


Benefits of Perlite


There are plenty of reasons why you should add Perlite to your soil mix. The unique chemical and physical properties of the material make it suitable for gardening.

  • Perlite is stable and retains its shape in your soil mix
  • Perlite has a neutral pH, which makes it ideal as a soil amendment
  • Perlite contains no chemicals or nutrients
  • Perlite is a highly porous material
  • Perlite assists gardeners with water retention in the soil while improving drainage


Aerating the Soil and Drainage  


Adding Perlite to your soil mix provides you with two primary advantages – drainage and aeration. With more air around the roots of your plants, they grow faster and yield more during harvest. Water is another critical component of plant growth, but overwatering your plants will cause the onset of root rot, killing the plant.
Adding Perlite to the soil helps to improve the drainage of water away from the roots while leaving the soil with the right amount of moisture to spur growth.

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